We Expedite Catastrophic Property Damage Claims

InterCoastal Public Adjusters works with all types of property claims including: fire, hurricane, water damage, pipe bursts, appliance failures, damage from ice, snow and catastrophic events.

Why Choose InterCoastal Public Adjusters

Burden of Proof

Did you know that the burden of proof falls on the policyholder when a loss occurs?

If your loss is not properly presented to your insurance company, your claim could be denied or severely undervalued.

Denied insurance Claim Assistance

Although we do have success in reversing denials, it is much more difficult and time-consuming than making sure your loss is properly presented. We will thoroughly review your policy, endorsements, deductibles, etc. and will even advise you against filing a claim that is excluded from coverage.

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Types of Property Damage / Loss Restoration Claims That We Expedite

  • Fire damage
  • Hurricane damage
  • Water damage
  • Wind damage
  • Pipe bursts
  • Appliance failures
  • Damage from ice & snow

If you suffer an insurance loss, we can help!

HOA / Commercial Property Damage Claims

Commercial claims require professional navigation from a partner who knows insurance policy.  We will make sure you are fully indemnified by your insurance carrier for the damages sustained to the property of your HOA or business.  We can schedule a consultation to sit down with you or your Board of Directors to answer any questions you have surrounding our services or your insurance claim.

Commercial property insurance claims adjusting company in RI, MA, FL, NC, SC, and NJ

Homeowner Claims

Insurance companies have their own adjusters. Statistics show you should too.  Here is a small case study outlining some of the phases of a claim.  We are sharing it with you so that you have some expectations of the process.   All situations are different, and we always recommend a free consultation to better understand yours before setting any expectations:

Unfortunately, your property has suffered damages and you need to file an insurance claim.  Taking a look at a hypothetical claim should help you understand what to expect and how to proceed.

Home disaster insurance claims adjusters in RI, MA, FL, NC, SC, and NJ

Here’s the situation:  High winds from a storm caused a tree limb to split and strike the roof of your home.  The tree limb created an opening in the roof which allowed water intrusion into the dwelling and caused some interior damages.

It is your responsibility under your insurance policy to preserve and protect your property from further damages.  If there is still a tree limb on the dwelling, it needs to be removed so that a roofing company can inspect the roof and make temporary repairs to prevent further water damages.  Most policies will pay any reasonable cost you incur to preserve and protect your property.

File your claim and secure representation.  It is your responsibility to promptly alert your insurance company that you have sustained damages to your property.  Contacting Scordato Public Adjusters at this point is crucial so that we can begin gathering information that we will use to present your claim to the insurance company on your behalf.

Evaluations. At this point, with this type of claim, we would recommend a moisture assessment on the property.  A professional restoration company can evaluate and document your property for moisture and provide us with a report so that we can determine a full scope of dry-out, demolition, and rebuild.  If the property is not properly dried out, there is a significant probability that microbial growth (mold) will soon follow.  We can recommend a licensed and qualified restoration company at your request.​

Keep in mind, that any evaluations from a restoration company, building inspector, engineer, etc. that can be done prior to the insurance company’s first inspection, the easier it will be for us to expedite processing of your claim because we can address all of these things with the insurance company while they are on site.  We can show them everything to justify our claim for damages.

Initial Inspection. Scordato Public Adjusters will meet your insurance company at the property to walk through all of the damages. We will present the burden of proof to prove your claim and present any evaluations that have been completed.  It is at this initial inspection that we hope to reach an agreed scope of damages with your insurance company. Agreement on scope at the initial inspection means that the insurance company agrees with our reports on everything that needs to be done to bring you back to pre-loss condition.

Negotiations & Settlement.  This is where we demonstrate our experience and expertise at handling your claim.  Having worked in both normal and catastrophe situations on 1000’s of claims nationwide, we know exactly how to make sure you are fully compensated for your loss within the terms of your policy.  We use the same software as the insurance company, and we speak their language.  We know policy and what you are entitled to in nearly any situation and we will fight the insurance company when necessary in order to ensure you are fully indemnified.

If you have never filed an insurance claim before, we’re sure you have heard horror stories from friends or neighbors who have.  Scordato Public Adjusters focuses on you and your claim and strives to provide outstanding customer service throughout the claim process.  For the insurance company, you are one of 1000’s of claims they may have at any given time.  We make sure your claim is given the attention it deserves in your time of need. We are committed to helping you and working hard as your advocate.  We will send you an email update at least once a week with a claim status, but you can call us at any time with any questions or concerns.

HOA & Master Policy Claims

Commercial property are complex and require professional presentation and navigation. Our experience in handling commercial losses results in expedited settlement and maximized value. We have an extensive network of construction experts and engineers that we can call on as needed to help prove your loss and provide us with accurate and thorough reports on damage.

Our representation routinely results in increases from 50-70% on HOA and master policy property claims and we have seen results as high as 500% over the original offer from an insurance carrier.

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Condominium losses require professional navigation to ensure maximum indemnification.

Condo property claims. We help HOA's get condominium insurance claims adjusted - RI, MA, FL, NC, SC, NJ

Catastrophic Events

Our network of trusted professionals can not only help when a loss occurs but also in working hand in hand with your team to devise and implement disaster recovery plans for the next catastrophic event.   These plans can add incredible value to the portfolio of services you can provide to your clients.  We can also provide a-la-carte services depending on your specific stage of the claim process.

Emergency disaster plan checklist from InterCoastal Public Adjusters

Be Prepared - Inquire NOW!

Let us help you organize the steps to take should a hurricane or natural disaster hit your area.  We can help you line up vendors, representation and emergency services ahead of time.