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Public Adjusters - advocates for home or business owners - for property damage insurance claims

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Public Adjusters work as advocates for home or business owners who have suffered property damage.  The damages may be caused by fire, water, ice/snow, wind, mold, etc. – basically any type of insured property loss.

We help our customers file their claim, and then navigate through the process until our clients are fully indemnified for their loss. This includes presenting evidence to prove the loss, preparing and providing thorough and accurate damage appraisals, preparing contents inventory and “Loss of Use” or “Business Interruption” reports when applicable.  We handle all correspondence with the insurance company and make sure that our customers get every dollar that their policy entitles them.

Ask yourself these simple questions – who does the adjuster assigned by the insurance company work for?  Do you believe the insurance company has your best interest at heart?

Keep in mind that every dollar that an insurance company saves on a claim equals profit.  They are not in business to pay claims, they are in business to make money.

Do you know your policy well enough to represent yourself?  Do you know how to apply your policy and the different coverage types?  Do you know what the insurance company will pay for & how they will pay for it? Do you know how to present the burden of proof and justify a scope of work?

Scordato Public Adjusters has 25 years combined experience working strictly on the settlement of property damage claims.  We put our experience to use by representing policy holders – not insurance companies. We provide highly focused customer service, and we push the envelope to make sure our customers can restore themselves to pre-loss condition as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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