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Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster represent policy-holders for full indemnification - insurable property loss claims

What Does A Public Insurance Adjuster Do?

A Public Insurance Adjuster is a state licensed professional that represents a policy-holder in order to make sure that they are fully indemnified when they suffer an insurable property claim. A public insurance adjuster like Michael Scordato can work to evaluate property losses for both residential and commercial properties.

By working on the side of the policy-holder, and not the insurance company, you can feel secure knowing that a public adjuster will have your best interest in mind.

A public adjuster can either be hired prior to filing your claim with insurance or after it has been submitted. It is recommended to speak with a public adjuster before you file your claim because presenting the Burden of Proof on a claim is a crucial part of the process; and can severely affect how the loss is handled.

How Can A Public Insurance Adjuster Help?

Unlike the average homeowner or business owner, a public adjuster has had years of experience in working on insurance claims. Most policyholders have never read their insurance policy and do not know what they may be entitled to when they suffer an insurable loss. A licensed Public Adjuster reads and interprets insurance policies on a daily basis.

Presenting, structuring and assembling a detailed claim can be a very difficult and stressful process. Extensive damage to a property makes for an extremely complicated claim, and claims where a policyholder hires representation average 3 to 5 times more in settlement than for those who represent themselves.

When Should I Contact A Public Insurance Adjuster?

A reputable Public Adjuster will offer a free consultation and site inspection in order to evaluate the circumstances of your claim. They will review your policy in advance and even advise you against filing a claim that will be denied coverage.

They will further advise you on what coverage types your policy will entitle you to and get you steered in the right direction.

The best time to contact a Public Adjuster is as soon as possible after the loss occurs, but keep in mind you can always hire representation on a claim, even after you receive a settlement from the insurance company.

If you are anyone you know needs the help of a public insurance adjuster, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Scordato here.