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insurance company estimate for like kind & quality” roofing tile replacement and repair was too low

Tile Roof Repair vs Replacement

We received a call from a very distraught friend in southwest Florida this morning. Her home had suffered hurricane IRMA damages, as had several of her neighbors.

Jennifer filed a claim and received the report from her insurance carrier confirming that they had found damages to the roof. The report further stated that they would pay for repairs to the damaged area and the tiles immediately area surrounding the damage. The insurance company estimate included a check for roughly $7,000.00.

There are plenty of problems with the scenario proposed by Jennifer’s insurance carrier.
• Are matching, “like kind & quality” roofing tiles available to make repairs?
• Does the current roof meet local code & ordinance requirements?
• Will the repaired roof meet local code & ordinance requirements?
• Is the roof repairable based on its age?

Jennifer called a trusted roofing contractor in SWFL who inspected her tile roof and informed her that it required full replacement. The roofing contractor’s estimate exceeded $54,000.00.

Since IRMA struck, we have received numerous calls from angry insureds that have exactly the same situation as Jennifer’s. Scordato Public Adjusters is here to help. Your policy and the laws in the State of Florida are designed to protect you from your insurance company “shortchanging” you from what you’re rightly entitled to, and we can help hold them accountable for full indemnification of your property loss.
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