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Public adjusters ensure that insurance carriers abide by policy terms to fully indemnify you for your loss.

Setting Expectations – Public Adjusting

Many Public Adjusters offer a free consultation which is intended to answer your questions, thoroughly evaluate your insurance claim, and give you the tools you need to make an educated decision on whether or not your claim necessitates representation.

Each insurance claim is different depending on the applicable policy(s), the type of loss, and the amount of damage sustained to the structure.  A trained and experienced professional will evaluate the site of the loss and discuss the circumstances with you. Depending on the complexity of the claim, several different policy coverages may apply.  Is your home livable?  Do you have tenants that have to move out?  Is your business income interrupted? Did you know that the depreciation applied on your claim may or may not be recoverable?  We will discuss these items with you along with our strategy for navigating through your claim.  And the most important part of our consultation – we will listen and answer your questions.  An insurance claim can be an extremely stressful time. We can help ease the burden and make sure that your insurance carrier abides by the terms of your policy and fully indemnifies you for your loss.