Licensed professional representation for Policy Holders who suffer an insurable loss.

We navigate the entire claim process to ensure our customers are able to recover to pre-loss condition as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Homeowner Catastrophic Property Loss Claims Service

Home disaster insurance claims adjusters in RI, MA, FL, NC, SC, and NJ

Suffering a property loss at your home can be extremely stressful and managing the claim process can be overwhelming. We can help expedite the process, ease the stress, and get you back to your life.

When a catastrophe occurs finding help becomes twice as hard because everyone has the same needs.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with trusted professionals.  It’s these relationships that enable us to help our customers when the chips are down.

HOA - Commercial Property Damage Policy Indemnification Service

Commercial property insurance claims adjusting company in RI, MA, FL, NC, SC, and NJ

Commercial claims require professional navigation from a partner who knows how to navigate the confusion of an insurance policy.  We will make sure you are fully indemnified by your insurance carrier for the damages sustained to the property of your Home Owners Association or business.  We can schedule a consultation to sit down with you or your Board of Directors to answer any questions you have surrounding our services or your insurance claim.

Disaster Plans: Beat the Rush!

Emergency disaster plan checklist from InterCoastal Public Adjusters

Inquire about our Disaster Plans and be prepared the next time a natural disaster hits your area.  If you have ever been through a Hurricane or Natural Disaster you know that EVERYONE is looking for the same services as you. Be prepared and let us help you organize the steps to take SHOULD it hit your area.  Line up vendors, representation and emergency services ahead of time and know that you were one of the few that were prepared!

Disputed Insurance Claims - Appraisal Process

Appraisal process - how to dispute residential or commercial insurance claims for storm, wind, water, hurricane damage

The lifecycle of insurance claims after a major storm is rather predictable.  Although there are many variables from one state to the next, one bit of language that most policies (residential or commercial) carry is a binding dispute resolution process known as “Appraisal”.  If you have a dispute with your insurance carrier over a Florence or Dorian claim in North Carolina, Appraisal may be a consideration to save you time and money prior to litigation.  Click to learn more.

Be Prepared - Inquire NOW!

Let us help you organize the steps to take should a hurricane or natural disaster hit your area.  We can help you line up vendors, representation and emergency services ahead of time.