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With over 30 years in the industry, we put our experience to use representing Policy Holders, not Insurance Companies.  Whether your claim has been denied, or your claim needs to be maximized to the full extent of coverages afforded by your policy, the team at InterCoastal can help.  Some of the services we offer when representing our clients include:

Property insurance claim loss adjusting - hurricane, storms, water, wind, ice, smoke, tree FL, NC, SC, NJ, RI, MA
Insurance Claims

We can help with most types of insurable losses including: water and storm damage, hurricane damages, smoke, fire or tree damages to your home, business, or property.

Property insurance claim loss adjusting - Insurance company settlement negotiation in FL, NC, SC, NJ, RI, MA

Because many of our team members spent a great deal of time working for insurance companies, InterCoastal knows how to negotiate with your carrier to ensure your claim is maximized, and we have plenty of dispute resolution tools to hold an insurance carrier accountable if they decide to become difficult on a loss.

Property insurance claim loss adjusting - Condominium - Homeowner Association Insurance (HOA) in FL, NC, SC, NJ, RI, MA
HOA Claims

The team at InterCoastal has helped many HOA's (Homeowner Association) and COA's (Condominium OwnerAssociation) on their insurance claims. We know how these specialty policies work and can help your board of directors sort through the red tape and resolve claims to the benefit of the association and unit owners. We are always happy to meet with a board to discuss your specific situation.

Property insurance claim loss adjusting -we generate damage estimates in FL, NC, SC, NJ, RI, MA

The team at InterCoastal Public Adjusters will generate and present professional estimates and supporting documentation for all damages sustained to your property. We also have a wide network that we can call on to provide specialty estimates when required. We can even help inventory and appraise personal property.

Property insurance claim loss adjusting - burden of proof review - FL, NC, SC, NJ, RI, MA
Burden of Proof

We will thoroughly review your policy, endorsements, deductibles, etc. and will even advise you against filing a claim that is excluded from coverage.

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Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters in: MA, RI, CT, IL, VA, NC, SC, FL, TX

If you have suffered an insurable property loss, please call us today for a free consultation. Disputing an insurance claim can be a difficult and stressful process, and if there are issues, taking on a big company such as an insurance company can be an overwhelming task. InterCoastal knows how to deal with insurance companies making the entire claim process as smooth and efficient as possible.  Our extensive experience in successfully resolving claims for clients after catastrophic events is unmatched up and down the east coast including New England, Florida, and the Carolina’s.

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