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Lessons learned by Property Owners in Hurricane Florence are Invaluable for Hurricane Dorian

hurricane dorian property owners learn lessons from from hurricane florence policyholders
Hurricane Florence ( image)

As CNN reports,  hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall somewhere along the North Carolina Coast.  Latest updates can be found here:  With the possibility of a second major hurricane in a 12 month span we want to touch upon a concept we saw many regret just one year ago.  One mentality that a lot of people took, especially those who have not endured a major hurricane in this day and age of insurance is the “wait and see” mentality.

What Hurricane Dorian Insurance Policy Holders Should Know Before Filing A Claim
InterCoastal Public Adjusters, who successfully negotiated hundreds of claims and millions of dollars in increased settlements for policyholders who experienced property damage from Hurricane Florence, are advising home and business owners to start working with a public insurance adjuster BEFORE a claim is filed. Michael Scordato and Francisco Holland, managing partners of InterCoastal Public Adjusters, have often heard policy holder’s say: “I don’t need help filing my claim, I will just wait and see what the insurance company will offer before I hire representation.” This generally does not work in the policy holder’s favor. You have to remember that insurance policies are written by insurance companies, not policyholders.  Not presenting your claim in the right way initially can cause huge problems down the line. When you retain the services of a knowledgeable and ethical organization to provide a detailed and professional estimate from day one, you provide yourself with the best possible chance at being fully indemnified, PLUS you are not waiting on the likes of contractors for estimates. InterCoastal Public Adjusters, has a professional and experienced team ready and willing to help anyone who may suffer in the wake of Dorian.  Please be prepared and weather the storm safely.

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