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Florida roof - tile replacement vs repair claims adjusting assistance

IRMA Roof Claim Questions?

IRMA Roof Claim Questions?  We have Answers!

The most common calls we are getting in Florida right now involve IRMA damaged roofs.  Did you know that there are certain statutes in Florida by which Insurance companies have to abide when it comes to repairing roofs vs replacing them?  Many roofs have discontinued tiles or shingles making them impossible to match.

Most roof tiles used in original construction prior to 2003 are discontinued and no longer available.

On one of our current claims, the insurance company informed our client that she could purchase tiles from over 2.5 hours away and have them painted to match the rest of the tiles prior to installation. This is not acceptable for our client, and further, the insurance company is not abiding by the policy!

If your roofing contractor is saying one thing, and your insurance company is saying something different, we may be able to help.  We will provide a free, no obligations & no pressure consultation during which we will review your situation and answer your questions.  Call us today to schedule, we can also schedule phone or video conference consultations if you prefer.

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