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Florida Insurance Claims for Hurricane Michael by public insurance adjusting company

How Can I Get Help With My Florida Insurance Claim After Hurricane Michael?

Many of you reading this may have family or friends that live in the impact zone of Hurricane Michael.

Michael Scordato is a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster in the state of Florida that can help you manage your insurance claim. Please do not hesitate to contact him here.

Ranking as one of the most powerful storms from the Atlantic in recent history, Hurricane Michael caused a massive amount of destruction. Early estimates say Hurricane Michael has caused nearly $10 billion in damages so far. While less than last year’s Hurricane Irma, the impact to those in the path of this hurricane has been devastating.

If you need to file a claim with your insurance company, Michael Scordato is here to help.

How Powerful Was Hurricane Michael?

Hurricane Michael has been without a doubt one of the most powerful Atlantic Storms we have seen. With sustained wind speeds of up to 155 mph and central pressure measurements of 919mbar, this hurricane hit the Florida coast with some serious momentum.

These numbers put Hurricane Michael into the higher end of the category 4 range. When it made landfall on October 10th, it had left over a hundred thousand residents without electricity, but it gets worse.

Many Florida residents houses are completely destroyed.
 Others that are more fortunate still have to deal with flooding, wind damage, and other structural damages.

Regardless of how much or how little damage was done to your property, repairs will be costly. As a public insurance adjuster Michael Scordato is licensed by the State of Florida to help you with your claim.

If you would like to know exactly what a public insurance adjuster does, check out the article here.

In short, A Public Insurance Adjuster has extensive knowledge of the insurance claim process that will help restore your property to pre-loss condition smoothly and efficiently, while giving you peace of mind that you have a trained professional working on your behalf and protecting your interests.