Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters

With a base of operations in McKinney, TX, InterCoastal Public Adjusters have been very busy helping home and business owners throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth area recover from the freeze in February.  If you are having difficulty with a disputed insurance claim and you would like to talk to a licensed professional about your situation, please call us at (844) 630-5500 or fill out the form below and we will set up a free consultation.

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Expert Insurance Claims Adjusters 
Texas License Numbers:  2577104, 2567738, 2619060

  • Hurricane Insurance Claims 
  • Storm Damage Insurance Claims 
  • Water Damage Insurance Claims 
  • Mold Insurance Claims 
  • Fire Insurance Claims 
  • Vandalism Insurance Claims 
  • Residential Property Claims 
  • Commercial Property Insurance Claims 


(844) 630-5500

P.O. Box 3351
Wilmington, NC 28406


CT LICENSE: 2703896


GA LICENSE: 3439860

IL LICENSE: 19629064

MA LICENSE: 2091836

NC LICENSE: 15644078

NH LICENSE: 19494895

RI LICENSE: 2085013

SC LICENSE: 930132

TX LICENSE: 2577104

VA LICENSE: 1207891

Firm Licenses

NC LICENSE: 3001342184