Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters

What We Do:

InterCoastal Public Adjusters works as an advocate for home or business owners who have suffered an insurable loss. We navigate the entire claim process and make sure our clients are fully indemnified and their claim maximized to the full extent of coverage provided by their policy.  Our experienced team of professionals will help you or your business recover by making the claim process as smooth and efficient as possible.
Licensed certified public insurance claims adjusting company in RI, MA, FL, NC, SC, and NJ

Expert Insurance Claims Adjusters 
SC License: 930132

  • Hurricane Insurance Claims 
  • Storm Damage Insurance Claims 
  • Water Damage Insurance Claims 
  • Mold Insurance Claims 
  • Fire Insurance Claims 
  • Vandalism Insurance Claims 
  • Residential Property Claims 
  • Commercial Property Insurance Claims 


(844) 630-5500

P.O. Box 3351
Wilmington, NC 28406


NC LICENSE: 15644078

SC LICENSE: 930132


RI LICENSE: 2085013

MA LICENSE: 2091836

TX LICENSE: 2577104

CT LICENSE: 2703896

IL LICENSE: 19629064

VA LICENSE: 1207891

GA LICENSE: 3439860