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NWS named hurricanes and storms have higher deductibles

“Alberto” may mean a higher deductible

What’s in a Name?  Well for many of us, the naming of a storm means a higher deductible.  Have you ever looked through your policy and seen the term “named storm”?   Often times it is a clause that increases your deductible if a storm has been “officially” named.  So who determines what should be a named storm?  Many times names are given but it is really more for the news than an actually named storm, the Weather Channel doesn’t have the power to name a storm.  Actually, there is a pretty strict process identified by the World Meteorological Organization.  There is a list of male and female names for Atlantic storms that are on a 6-year  rotation.

According to, “Under named-storm clauses, policyholders may be subject to higher deductibles when covered losses arise from storms that were given names by the National Weather Service, National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration or other major meteorological authority.   So if you’re wondering if “Alberto” was an officially named storm, the answer is yes and if you suffered a loss, you may want to look for that named storm clause!